Sports Firm On AG Uses Display Technology To Adjust To Changing Workplace Needs

July 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a solid example of a company fully taking on display and related technology to create a working environment that’s in line with shifting trends and needs.

Sports equipment designer and developer On AG recently renovated its Zurich, Switzerland headquarter digs and layered in a pile of new technology to make the space work better and sync up with emerging needs for remote and hybrid working arrangements, as well as, by the looks of it, minimize the use of non-renewable materials. The desks are plywood and the floors are concrete instead of carpeting.

The company engaged Kilchenmann AG and easescreen to develop a solution that starts in the lobby.

From PR:

In the lobby, employees are greeted by a large (display) that can be moved individually thanks to chain suspension. On their way to the next meeting, they are guided by easescreen’s eSign room booking solution. With more than 52 meeting rooms, it is essential that they are properly managed so that they can be booked, approved, and evaluated in terms of their use. They are equipped with Google Meet, Logitech Rally Bar, and Chromebox PC 55 – 75-inch display, Logitech Swytch (implementation for Zoom or Teams etc.), a table connection socket with USB-C ports and cable retractors.

easescreen is also used for the double-sided five-screen video wall in the customer service area: for displaying statistics, open tickets, and announcements. Thus, digital signage is not only informative but also a critical part of the company’s daily operations.

Digital signage in meeting rooms

Digital signage in the meeting room also maximizes installed screens: A video cube consisting of 4 displays is available in the corner room for 360° conferences for up to 16 people. Outside of meetings, the video cube automatically switches to digital signage with easescreen and can also be managed centrally. This makes it available for information, corporate communications, alerts, and meeting room operating instructions.

The center-hung scoreboard-style array of displays in that main meeting room is an interesting way to get around a room dominated by windows and glass divider walls, and I don’t think I’ve seen a big display that gets repositioned by pulling the chain-suspended thing along a track system (this is the same idea as the one in lobby – no pix available on that).

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