LA-Area Church Adds 31-Foot Fine Pitch LED Wall As Backdrop For Services

July 26, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Yet more evidence that fine pitch LED is now a mainstream AV product: a church in the LA area putting in a 31 foot wide video wall as the backdrop for the stage used for services and events.

PPDS, the company that markets Philips professional displays and solutions, worked with system integration partner, TechArts, on the design and deployment of the 31 ft x 11 ft Philips 9000 LED wall inside the Desert Reign Church in Downy, California.

From PR:

Located 15 miles (24km) southeast of Los Angeles, the purpose-built Desert Reign Church (DRC) plays a central and meaningful role within the local community, providing a wide range of daily services and Christian music events.

As part of a campus-wide upgrade investment program, DRC partnered with TechArts – a local (Los Alamitos) AV/IT system integration company with specialist experience in the house of worship market, and PPDS, to replace its aging stage set-up with a ‘unique’ state-of-the-art Philips dvLED wall on the main stage.

The 1.9mm wall is the largest built by PPDS in North America to date , and was installed in less than a week.

Daniel Dutch, Lead Pastor of Desert Reign Church:  “In the past, I have been involved in projects that have gone well, and projects that have not gone well. This one I would rate as an A+. People were amazed when they walked in. The collaboration between PPDS and TechArts was seamless throughout and, at times, you almost wouldn’t know who was working for who when they were working here on the wall. I would encourage people to see this for themselves.

“We did a lot of research, we really looked around and explored many different LED walls and contractors. We found PPDS to be head and shoulders above the rest and I’m sure others in our and other industries will be able to say the same.

“This was a unique LED project that was born out of a desire for the church to go to the next level for experience,” says Chuck Mitchell, CEO, TechArts. “Myself, and my colleague, Scott Clement, Client Representative, were able to put together a really great demonstration coordinating with PPDS and when they saw the incredible high-resolution quality from Philips, they were in no doubt this was the right solution for their needs.”

When fine pitch LED started coming into the pro AV/digital signage marketplace, this scale of wall for a church wouldn’t be possible unless a very deep-pocketed congregation member decided to step up and donate the thing. At that time, the build cost for a 1.9mm was about $25K per square meter.

Things have changed.

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