Nanolumens Develops Pre-Kitted LED Display Solutions Aimed At Mass Transport Environments

July 12, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Atlanta LED display manufacturer Nanolumens has taken the interesting step of developing a series of pre-kitted display solutions for the airport and transportation hubs that are delivering a lot of business for them, operating with the idea of removing complexity both in selling and deploying.

The move is in line with a much broader trend seen in LED displays, with many manufacturers offering all-in-one turnkey solutions for corporate and other spaces, again trying to neuter some of complexity like modules, cabinets, resolution and power.

The newly designed digital signage solutions offer flexibility and easy installation for tech managers and system integrators. Regardless of airport size, Nanolumens understands that boosting the operational aspect of any airport doesn’t have to be complicated and through bundled display solutions, it’s easy to enhance wayfinding and messaging offerings.

“We are specialists in the airport signage space,” says Brice McPheeters, VP Product & Planning for Nanolumens. “We understand the complex and dynamic nature of airport and transit facilities so providing the most common airport signage solutions with pre-configured packages made perfect sense. With over 70 airports under our belt, we’ve learned the need to make the process streamlined with displays that are NDAA-889 and TAA Compliant for all aspects of the travel experience. Whether it’s any of the airport ID’s – Flight Information displays – FIDS, Ramp Information Displays – RIDS, or Baggage Information Displays – BIDS or perhaps another part of the passenger experience, we have a complete solution.”

This is smart, as the decision-makers and influencers in airport environments don’t look at LED on an everyday basis like media companies and solutions providers might. So when a sales engineer starts getting into the relationship between sightlines and pixel pitch, and talking about stacking and tiling cabinets, you could imagine eyes glazing over. It is also, almost always, good to be positioned as “THE folks” to talk to in specialized environments like mass transport … versus being one of scores of LED display manufacturers selling on price, relationships and pretty pictures.

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