Cenareo Adds Video Production To Its Offer Via Acquisition Of Another French Software Firm, EasyMovie

July 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The French CMS software firm Cenareo has acquired another French software firm EasyMovie, expanding its range of solutions to include video production capabilities aimed mainly at corporate customers.

Based in Paris, EasyMovie is positioned as an all-in-one video suite for busy people who don’t have “video production” in their job title. That would seemingly align quite nicely with an awful of digital signage end-users who don’t have agencies, the kind of budget needed for a lot of agencies, or full-time in-house creative.

Cenareo is also based in Paris and operates mainly in the French market. It was started in 2012 and now does an annual turnover of $4M+ USD, with 200+ customers.

CEO and co-founder David Keribin, who I saw and chatted with last week in Munich, made me quietly aware of the deal, and then posted the news this morning on LinkedIn, relating the company’s journey:

– We started with a bank loan of 15K€ with 2 friends
– We gradually expanded our customer base from 1 to 10 then 100 and eventually reached 200+ customers
– Our Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) exceeded 1M€, then 2M€ and eventually 3M+€
– We established new offices
– We connected our 20,000th screens
– We launched a new product called Flex to reach the frontline workers

EasyMovie also celebrated its 10th anniversary:
– The bootstrapped company grew to acquire 170+ customers, generating 5M€+ ARR
– EasyMovie combined a powerful mixed stack of services & technology
– They created one the most comprehensive video suites available in the market encompassing pre-production + production + post-production & sharing
– They raised over 12M€ in funding
– They remained dedicated to their bold mission from day one: Creating a video suite for the 99%!

With this acquisition Cenareo is changing scale! Cenareo + EasyMovie =
– An exceptional team of 75+ employees located in Paris, Tunis, New-York and Labège
– A complete product portfolio including a complete video suite and a digital signage solution
– Serving 500+ clients in EMEA & USA

The company, like more and more out there, is increasingly focused on strategic communications of large corporations. What’s interesting here is that EasyMovie doesn’t just enable internal-facing messaging. It’s also about making it easy for people in roles like sales to use templates and produce their own pitch videos to email to clients and use on social channels.

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