Bahrain Star-Up Touts Autonomous Wandering Ad Screen Robots

July 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I was amazed at a couple of recent trade shows to still see companies marketing an ad solution that involves screens that are attached to backpacks and harnesses worn by people, the displays looming over the heads of the humans, or running on the backpacks.

It’s an idea and effort that’s been around for maybe 15 years, and the simple fact that they’re still around suggests there’s enough business out there to keep them going.

Now we’re seeing the logical next step – eliminating the pesky humans and slapping screens on wandering robots – that don’t take breaks, or ask for holidays, and happily work weekends and nights.

I wrote three years ago about a company in Dubai called RoboAds, and now there is another company in the region also marketing a an autonomous ad robot solution, that is very similar but look a bit different in form factor – making me think this is not just a reseller.

ROBOTIZER is a device which is built with an ultimate blend of Ads and Robotics. It is a Robot on wheels that provides a platform where Ads will be noticed in events, pedestrian areas, shopping centers, festivals and other indoor and outdoor attractions. This device is built for clients where they will be able to save money, generate revenue and access their audience with ease.

The self moving autonomous robotic device “Robotizer” is connected with the web and mobile app to upload content and track the live location. Robotizer allows Brands, Events, Stores and Government sectors to promote their content in a matter of few clicks. A Solution that is weather Friendly, strong and attractive.

The company behind – 7amdaan – is based in Bahrain.

I will get ahead of the inevitable comments and ask: “What could go wrong?”

Lots, of course.

I don’t get it – but maybe I am too jaded. The novelty products that send me into pre-teen eye-roll mode at trade shows always seem to draw rapturous crowds.

Insurance fraudsters and injury-accident lawyers would be giddy about the prospects of this in lawsuit-happy countries like the U.S.

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