Wrap-up And Photos From Invidis On Digital Signage Summit Europe

July 7, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s the translated take, as well as a photo gallery, from invidis, the German consulting and publishing firm that hosted this week’s Digital Signage Europe in Munich:

The participants have already left, but the positive feedback that invidis and ISE received for this year’s DSS Europe still reverberates in our heads.

With the Digital Signage Summit, we want to create an atmosphere that creates an environment for decision-makers from the industry to learn and network – and measured by the feedback, we did it again in 2023.

We attach great importance to offering a little more every year, a slightly different setting, so that the input always remains fresh despite all the constants – we have also succeeded in doing this with the invidis wake-up call, if you look at the immediate feedback goes that we received. The more “traditional” keynote on day 1 also offered exciting insights and key figures for the digital signage industry. Above all, the digital signage topics for the near future were defined, including green signage, IT security and generative AI.

DSSE keynote: wake-up call for the industry

But the remaining panels and lectures were again filled with top-class speakers who, in the typical DSSE atmosphere, also dared to make direct, honest statements that are almost never found in official statements. This kind of openness is what makes the DSSE panels so valuable, and we are trying to reinforce this aspect even further – for example with the new town hall format, which despite some technical hurdles presented itself as a good alternative to the classic grandstand.

Our North American content partner Dave Haynes, who was at DSSE for the first time, was also very positively surprised and described his impressions of Sixteen-Nine (here part 1 and part 2 of the recap).

As always, we also used the DSSE to launch our invidis yearbook 2023 – full of analyses, articles and reviews for digital signage and DooH. As is now customary, all participants of the DSSE will receive an exclusive print edition – one week before we release the online edition.

invidis Yearbook 2023: Our annual edition is here

We also presented the new invidis Digital Signage Software Compass , which will be released in autumn. Our mono-thematic manual on Green Signage will also be published in autumn.

In the next week we will take a closer look at individual panels of the summit. A first picture gallery of the DSSE 2023 can be found here .

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