Digital Signage Summit Europe Is Next Week In Munich

June 30, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I will be in Munich, Germany next week for the annual Digital Signage Summit Europe put on by the publishing and consulting firm invidis, in partnership with the same company that produces ISE each year in Barcelona.

My friends at invidis have been inviting me over for a few years now, and the schedules this year finally allowed it.

The event is always run in the first week of July, and uses a Munich airport hotel as the venue. In a lot of cities, like in North America, that would be a giant pain in the butt, but in this case it seems kinda perfect. People can fly in and out on what are, in most cases, pretty short routes. And the Munich airport has the German passenger rail system running through it, so attendees can also get in and out quickly that way.

The 2023 event is the 50th DSS conference, with the largest line-up of speakers that have ever presented at a DSS. Over 80 industry experts, customers and agencies will discuss the status quo and new potential of digital signage and DOOH – from best practices to the role of generative AI.

The main theme this year is “Engaging Experiences” – because concepts, content and creation are what bring technology to life. We discuss the role of retail media, how digital signage and DooH can become more sustainable and how providers can position themselves in a highly competitive environment.

Attending is worth it more than ever, because in addition to probably the best speaker line-up, the DSS offers plenty of time for networking, awards and the hot off the press invidis yearbook.

invidis readers receive a 30% discount – secure the last tickets here ...

I am told that, as tends to be the case, the last couple of weeks have seen a flood of last minutes registrations and big crowd is expected.

The event runs a small trade show area, and for 2023, people who don’t have the free time or budget can visit the exhibition area at no charge. They simply register.

I am doing a panel about the whys and hows of overseas firms approaching the North American market, a 1 on 1 interview with Chris Riegel of STRATACACHE in which I will ask him about his museum-quality collection of SpongeBob Pez dispensers, and try to make him cry, and I’ll be doing a wrap-up, what’d-you-think session with hosts Florian Rotberg and Stefan Schieker.

Looking forward to this. First, I am escaping Nova Scotia, which has replaced drought and wildfires with NON-STOP-FREAKING-RAIN-AND-GLOOM for a week now. Second, I haven’t been to Munich for longer than a layover. Third, 1L glasses of weisse beer and fresh pretzels the size of my head.

The conference agenda looks really good, too.

I am also hoping to record several 1-to-1 podcast interviews.

If you are going, have a safe and seamless journey, and I will see you there.

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