GM China HQ Uses Big Absen LED Walls To Greet, Inform Staff And Visitors

June 29, 2023 by Dave Haynes

It’s kind of amusing to see multi-zone layouts still popping up on digital signage displays, especially when the display canvas is a premium fine-pitch LED video wall in a corporate lobby.

At least there’s no ticker on this big, curving LED set up in the street-level lobby of the Chinese headquarters for General Motors. I’d argue that even on a BIG screen like this, viewers are being presented with too much information at once. Time and weather are commodity content pieces that don’t need to be anywhere that large on the presentation, and it is information viewers will already know – as they’re just arriving or returning and probably coming from outside.

The wall is the largest of several deployed in the GM China HQ in Shanghai, all of it using Absen’s product. There’s also a big portrait display in the main lobby, and a large one in what looks like a briefing center. No technical details that I could chase down.

This Linkedin post has more photos



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