Madrid Nightclub’s Central Feature Is Vast Experiential Dome Built With Conical LED Rings

June 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I go to nightclubs exactly never, so I am something far less than well-informed about the tech being used in these venues. But I am going to assume the breadth of AV technology put in place for a new club in Madrid is, at minimum, on the impressive and ambitious side.

This is Fitz, a new nighttime fun palace in Madrid that has as its central feature a spherical digital dome made up of concentric circular LED rings that preside over the cavernous party area and dance floor.

The LED conical rings have “custom trapezoidal flexible PCBs with a slightly variable pixel pitch – allowing for rationalizing the geometry and achieving an impressive effect that resembles the dome’s appearance,” says multimedia studio Instronic, which did the creative and worked with Barcelona-based venue designer Dpoch Studio.

For the project, Instronic designed and implemented an all in one structure that supports all the infrastructure in the space, including lighting, lasers, moving heads, fire safety systems, special effects machines, cabling, and work platforms.

Fitz has been conceived as a versatile entertainment space, capable of adapting to various applications and generating different atmospheres. Whether for events, exclusive parties, live music sessions, or corporate events, this innovative nightclub offers a unique experience on every occasion.

There is a pile of animations and images of the venue here …

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