Sao Paulo Bus Stops Add Video Conferencing For Nighttime Comfort And Safety

June 26, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip Kelson Schmitt for pointing this out …

It’s unfortunate this is necessary, but noting that, also interesting that a Brazilian out of home media firm has started adding cameras, microphones, speakers and videoconferencing capabilities to transit shelters along routes in São Paulo as a safety amenity for female riders.

Eletromidia implemented this set up at specified bus stops to launch video conferencing sessions when the software detects just a solitary woman at a stop after dark. The system flashes an on-screen prompt to the person waiting alone at the stop to walk over and launch a session by touching the screen.

The idea is that launching the video conference provides personal safety and reassurance for the rider, as well as companionship. I THINK the video sessions are with someone from the media company.

The video in this post walks through what’s involved.

  1. Kumar Achari says:

    I feel this is a very humane approach. OOH owes a lot to Society and this is a wonderful way to giving back.

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