Hundreds Of Little Boss Logos Tumble Around Store’s Digital Facade

June 13, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s en elegant example of a three-dimensional visual illusion that doesn’t require something to seemingly escape the boundaries of the display surface – the gateway facade of a Hugo Boss store at Istanbul’s main airport.

The creative team designed creative for the LED archway at the entrance to like, I dunno … maybe cross-cut shredder paper or dried pasta … all of it with the letters BOSS. They tumble around the virtual display like there’s a low-power fan inside.

The creative side of this was by done NECSUM Trison, and I am making a reach that the integration side of Trison put in in.

I like the subtle but fun nature of this, and it’s suitable to the entryway for a high-end fashion store. Nicely done!

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