Loop Media Adds AI-Based “Channel Recommender” To Free In-Venue DOOH TV Service

June 9, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This hits as somewhere between interesting and a gimmicky way to signal AI usage – a partnership between a streaming DOOH platform and a service that has AI-driven chatbots that can recommend the optimal content channel for a venue.

LA-based Loop Media, the self-described free streaming television media company for business, has partnered with the NY-based self-service automation platform Pypestream, to add what amounts to a recommendation engine for venue operators sifting through content options for the screens in their places of business. Loop says it delivers more than 2 billion video views every month via restaurants, retail businesses, office buildings, doctors’ offices, airports, bars and college campuses.

Says the PR on this “Channel Recommender” digital assistant capability:

Loop Media now provides businesses with AI generated information to make sure the right content is playing at the right time for the right audience in each location. Similar to the major music streaming services, Loop and Pypestream are leveraging the abilities of machine learning to understand business processes, making it possible to identify the most logical content recommendations based on demographic, operator preference, venue style and business type among other data.

“Helping our venue partners achieve a better customer experience is at the heart of Loop Media’s mission,” says Liam McCallum, Chief Product & Technical Officer of Loop Media. “We believe partnering with Pypestream to deliver a better customer experience for our rapidly growing screen footprint using their proprietary technology, gives Loop Media the AI edge on our competition.”

“At Pypestream, we build high impact, and highly immersive customer experiences that use AI to transform how businesses engage and empower their end users,” says Richard Smullen, CEO at Pypestream. “In collaboration with Loop Media, Pypestream is able to empower every type of business venue – bars, restaurants, retail, doctors’ offices, college campuses, etc. – to harness the power of AI, allowing each venue to curate their ideal entertainment experience.”

The partnership with Pypestream, which began in early 2022, was originally designed to deliver support automation for Loop Media’s new and existing customers, has evolved into a tool to help Loop Media drive existing user growth and retention. This evolution has culminated in the development of the newly released “Channel Recommender,” which is delivered via the Loop Media Player’s digital assistant/chatbot.

I dunno. Is a bar operator or health clinic operations manager really that challenged by having to sort through a channel guide and find something suitable for the venue and audience? Maybe sometimes, I guess, but this has that feel of a solution-looking-for-problem, or a drive to work the hyper-buzzy AI topic into the company offer. We’ve seen that with cloud, and blockchain and a few other things through the years.

It’s an interesting add-on to talk about, but I am not convinced even marketers would trot out the good old “gamechanger” reference.

  1. G. Seale says:

    Loop.TV has some very good content. It’s great that numerous venues have this service, however, I can’t wait for you to be able to get the player and remote from Loop Media without needing to be a business. The new AI technology going into Loop.TV is good quality, as well as the new ads manager for anyone wanting to place ads on Loop.TV.

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