Moviik Debuts 7-Inch Check-in Kiosk Small Enough To Sit On Counters

June 1, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The Portuguese tech firm Moviik has started marketing a nice little 7-inch self-service queue management kiosk small enough to place on a counter and move around as needed.

The little devices have a PCAP touch overlay and a built-in 24/7 printer that generates paper ticket slips used to manage lines in environments like retail or government agency offices (ie passports and licensing).

The units are small enough to rest on a counter or pedestal, or mount to a wall. The seven-inch has a big sister 15-inch version.

These are not really digital signs, but I am guessing they have or could have an attract mode setting that reverts to default content when not in use, or a little presence sensor could be built in. More to the point, they can be part of the mix in a busy venue that uses touchscreens and other displays to guide and manage customers and visitors.


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