LED-Driven Silhouettes Drive Experience At New Nike Store In Antwerp

May 15, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Photo: TDM Space

Athletic wear retail seems to always have a lot of screens and visual energy, but this new Rise store for Nike in Antwerp, Belgium does things a little differently, with an upper level  that uses big, full motion silhouettes on the walls.

The store has LED tickers, big product and branding displays and LCDs behind the countyer, as is the case with many to most larger footprint Nike stores. But I’m making an assumption that the big visual feature uses a visual trick I’ve seen a few times – some sort of diffusion layer in front of the LED wall that softens the images (and usually allows the store designers to use lower resolution, less costly LED tech).

There is a video (can’t embed) on the website of the firm commissioned to capture stills and video of the concept store.

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