ND Start-up Ties Car Dealer Systems Into DOOH Billboards For Automated Marketing

May 8, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Data integration tools that automate content from management platforms to screens is by no means a new concept, but a start-up in the middle of North Dakota has an interesting take on this for digital billboard operators and local businesses.

Lucit, based in Bismarck, ND, develops and markets a platform that allows customers to view, post, edit, manage, and schedule their digital billboard ad spots in real-time from their desktop or phone, and ties into management systems used is sectors like auto dealers and real estate.

So a local Ford dealer, for example, can set up a baseline campaign and template for new or used vehicles on the lot, and largely automate what appears on roadside LED billboards based what comes in and disappears from the dealer management system.

From the website:

Lucit can connect to any inventory management system. We’ve worked with numerous data feed providers including FlexMLS, DealersLink, CDK Global, HomeNet, Dealer Specialities, Paragon, CarsForSale, PX Automotive, Navica MLS, VINSolutions, and Machine Finder, to name a few. No inventory management system? No problem. Lucit’s post feature is perfect for all other industries such as retail or healthcare.

The company also has an auto-proofing feature that enables companies booking campaigns to see what their spots will look like at different locations.

This would seem to make a lot sense for auto dealers. I have been in some high-end or giant dealerships that have a marketing person or even team focused on advertising and outreach, but I suspect many to most dealerships out there don’t have the bodies or time to manage billboard creative and targeting. But if you could automate all that …

The company also works with banks, and announced a deal that sees a regional bank using its tools to do targeted billboard marketing.

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