UK Garbage Trucks Used As Rolling Digital Billboards

May 1, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A reader sent along shots of a bin lorry (garbage truck) that doubles up as a rolling LED billboard.

Ads on the sides of these trucks, and commercial trucks in general,are not new, but I’ve not seen ones using LED displays instead of static print in poster frames or stick-on vinyl graphics.

A company called 13 Digital Media had some 50 screens installed on “lorries” in the UK – though my attempts to get more information returned dead pages.

Maintaining electronics attached to moving vehicles is a challenge mo matter what, but I can’t imagine what it’s like with trucks that stop every 20 meters or so to lift off rubbish bins and shake the hell out of the plastic bins, and the truck.

This truck is part of the fleet used for the Lambeth district of London.

Anyone know more about these things and the state of the company that put them on?

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  1. Drew D says:

    Hi, Dave, let’s connect about this. Best regards. -Drew

  2. Fiveways Municipal Vehicle Hire Ltd says:

    Hi Dave – we have just read your article and would like to confirm that Fiveways Municipal Vehicle provide the digital display screens (previously under the banner of 13 digital). Should you require any information we would be more than happy to assist.
    Kind regards

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