How About An LED Video Wall That Folds Into A Golf Bag-Sized Roller Case?

April 26, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A Chinese LED display manufacturer has started marketing a solution that puts a totem-sized video display for the rental and portable market inside a roller case that’s roughly the size of those used by traveling golfers.

As demo’d on Linkedin, the set-up from the Shenzhen company KX Display is stored in a heavy-duty travel case that can be rolled to a site, pulled out and put up in what I assume is a few minutes. The LED modules are squares that fold into stacked rows that open up using a remote-controlled lifting mechanism.

The result is something the size of a Digital OOH street furniture totem. One of the interesting aspects is that two can be tiled to create a larger, more impactful video wall.

I can’t speak for the visual quality or durability of this sort of thing, but it would likely have an appeal to pro AV and digital signage solutions companies that do a lot of business for short-term events, like conferences and brand “activations” in high-traffic venues like malls and rail stations. I assume the companies providing these kinds of services want to spend as a little time as possible doing set-up and tear-down (unless their meter is running for that part of it).

More typically, rental market LED displays are larger units that would come as a set of bulky travel cases, and need to be stacked and inter-connected. An LCD display totem of that dimension would take a box truck, lift and at least a couple of people to put in place. This thing could go in the back of most cars if the rear seats folded down, and be handled by one person.

It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there. But most of what I have seen marketed for North American resellers and end-users is either stackable cabinets or fixed size units that are tall and skinny but don’t collapse and would be a chore to move around, especially by one person.

This is what it looks like with two tiled together …


  1. Norm Girdhar says:

    Please send me details about the folding LED digital wall sign, thanks

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