Big Corner LED With Premium Creative Greets Ticketholders At Upgraded Baltimore Arena

April 24, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Baltimore’s primary indoor sports and entertainment venue recently finished a series of renovations and upgrades that included a large multimedia component on an outside corner of the downtown property.

The newly renovated CFG Bank Arena opened earlier this month and now sports a big 90-degree corner LED supported by lighting, and running custom created by Moment Factory.

The iconic display, says the Montreal firm in an online case study, generates a vital energy that elevates the iconic destination and radiates across the city’s downtown core. An ever-evolving content schedule energizes the facade from day to night, emanating ambient visuals, show-stopping moments, and sponsored capsules. Original, animated video content features themes inspired by local culture that both Baltimoreans and visitors alike will recognize and enjoy.

The building is owned by Oak View Group, which is specifically in the business of developing live sports and entertainment venues. The company put about $200 million into renos, and it is nice to see recognition that investing in tech like that big display also requires an investment in creative.

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