Auto Brand’s 75th Anniversary Marked By Illuminating Seven Chinese Skylines With LED Domination Campaign

April 12, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip Damian Rezner for making me aware of this …

We’ve seen how LED light technology can clad the sides of buildings and create low resolution displays, and even some synchronization between buildings, but I can’t recall anything with the kind of scale and scope as this marketing campaign for the sports car brand Lotus.

The auto manufacturer, which has deep British roots but is now owned by a Chinese conglomerate, is celebrating its 75th year in business. In China, a campaign was planned and booked across the skylines of seven major Chinese cities, using the dynamic, addressable LED lighting arrays on office towers and other high profile structures.

The campaign is based around the signature yellow and black colors of the luxury brand.

This is pretty powerful, and shows what’s possible if and when property developers add LED technology that can illuminate entire buildings and sync with nearby structures. But this is China, where I doubt local residents have much say about their downtowns turning into giant billboards. I don’t see this happening in big western cities where media companies have to clear local zoning hurdles.

I’d like to see this sort of thing, once, but I wouldn’t want to see it out my window night after night.

Here’s a video

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