Is This The Biggest Workplace Digital Sign On The Planet?

April 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This has got to be among the largest screens specifically put in place to deliver workplace communications – a 90 foot wide by 39 foot tall outdoor LED display in the Houston courtyard of the global HQ for tech giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The big display is mounted on a building façade, overlooking the courtyard are set up between the HPE building and the company’s dedicated (I assume) parking structure.

“The client procured motorized projection technology for the outdoor display enhancement, but after the indoor phase they opted for a design that also included large-format LED,” says Jeff Vinklarek, SVP of i.e.Smart Systems, which put in the display as part of a broader digital display upgrade. “While the projection technology is still set up and utilized for special events, the dvLED is always available, always bright, and always stable in the environment. And the result speaks for itself. Standing in the lobby you can now look out to see this giant LED wall with beautiful colors in addition to all of the amazing display technology throughout the office. We’re extremely happy with it and so is the client.”

The display is a 12 mm unit from SNA Displays, which has published an online brief with specs on the overall job, which includes displays inside and outside the corporate campus.

“Stepping onto HPE’s Houston campus and being greeted by such a large and striking video canvas forges a powerful first impression,” says Jason Helton, EVP at SNA Displays. “It definitely creates a high-tech ambiance and lets visitors and employees know without question that they are entering a cutting-edge environment.”  

There are larger LED video walls in office tower lobbies, but those ones tend to be as much about marketing to visitors and the broader general public, with the screens in view from outside. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything on this scale that’s inside the corporate walls and specifically there to communicate to staffers.

Here’s a video of the various LED screens added around the HPE Houston campus …


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