Watch: Giant Balloon Bumps Around Virtual Glass Cabinet In This Pretty Amazing DOOH Billboard Spot

March 21, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I’d say we’re well past the shock and awe stage when it comes to visual illusions on big public LED billboards, with countless example videos on Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter of things appearing to come out of screens when viewed at JUST the right angle. But the Seoul-based creative shop d’strict continues to develop and show work that makes even crusty old people like me say, “Wow!”

This was a piece (video link) run in November on that vast corner display in a Seoul shopping district. While most animators playing with anamorphic illusion/forced perspective creative are making things appear to escape the perceived boundaries of a display, d’strict’s creatives turn the visual space into a glass tank, and have the main images bump into the windows.

This creative was for SK Telecom’s artificial intelligence service, called Adot.

The commercial opens, the company says, with a giant balloon appearing in the middle of a city center. Here, an AI (artificial intelligence) named ‘Adot’ appears in the shape of a balloon. The way the most representative digital innovation technology is implemented in an ‘analog’ way makes us feel familiar and unfamiliar simultaneously.

It is content that shows that SKT’s AI character Adot is getting closer to our daily lives by depicting AI in a fantastic way as an object with analog sensibility. The ever-changing digital world is portrayed with an imagination that goes beyond the general movement of balloons, providing a sense of friendliness as if watching a musical.

I don’t know if this creative approach lessens any distortion/skewing that people might see if they aren’t looking at the screen from that specific “two-point parallel” angle, but I have a sense it is at least less of an issue. Would love to see this sort of thing from head-on.

  1. Brad Gleeson says:

    Interesting that the client (WorldExpo?) feels that the cost of this very specialized content for this one location is a great investment. This must have been expensive to create and like you say Dave, probably not useable anywhere else. Nonetheless, it’s amazing and will likely get far more views on social media than IRL. So digital content, to show on a physical screen, to then be viewed as digital content on social media. Hmmm

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