Riyadh’s LED Light Ball Switches On; World’s Largest, But Just For A Few More Months

March 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip Damian Rezner for noting this on Linkedin …

People wondering what the giant Sphere (MSG Sphere) will look like when it gets officially switched on in Las Vegas can get a reduced-size idea from an attraction that recently went live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It is a 35-meter (114 feet) high LED-clad orb at an attractions-filled destination/theme park area called Boulevard World.

The owners are touting that the Light Ball, as it is called, recently achieved a Guinness World Record certificate as the largest illuminated LED ball in the world. However, when Sphere (the operators seemed to tweaked the title and dropped MSG) goes live later this year it will obliterate that height record, rising 112 meters (366 feet) feet above the desert valley.

Like Sphere, the Light Ball has seating and a huge circular screen inside. But the MSG Sphere will hold 17,385 spectators, versus 220 at the Light Ball.

Nonetheless, it’s impressive.

Sphere started testing its LED exterior in January. The LED array comes from a Montreal company called Saco.

Photo: 8NewsNow

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