Almost 1,700 Feet Of LED Fins Drive Brand And Inspire At Tech Firm’s NYC Experience Center

March 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The identity and access management tech vendor Okta has opened an Experience Center in NYC designed to raise brand awareness among passers-by, as well as educate and inspire visitors.

What’s particularly interesting is the use of almost 1,700 linear feet of LED fins just inside the window, set in a curve.

Electrosonic did the AV system integration, engineering, specialty audio and projection, as well as immersive technology, while the concept was cooked up and delivered by the experience design agency, HUSH.

An Electrosonic brief on the project lays out:

The interactive experience communicates inwards to an immersive circular customer experience center and outwards to attract the attention of passers-by. More than 1,675 linear feet of LED ‘fins’ communicate dynamic, large-scale brand content, animations and digital shadows triggered by hidden LIDAR sensors and motion-tracking cameras. 

The intent is to inspire visitors and passers-by to explore Okta’s services, and the West Coast company’s approach to identity and access management.

As visitors pass outside the building, hidden LIDAR mapping tracks movement and triggers interaction with dynamic brand content, animations and their own digital shadows displayed on a line of 8-foot interactive LED ‘fins’ inside the window. The line of 27 single and 98 double-sided LED fins continues, then curves inside the building to create an immersive circular customer experience center.

When visitors enter the customer experience center, they see two large dynamic 4K LED displays – 98 inches and 75 inches – that present key insights about OKTA and the importance of data security. Motion-tracking cameras sense visitor movement and proximity to trigger content on the displays. Speakers around the space create an immersive auditory experience to match the impressive visuals.  

When it is time for more thorough discussions, visitors can move to a variety of conference and training rooms or a large event space equipped with two large 98″ LED displays, speakers and subwoofers for conferences, town halls or large presentations. 

Inside and outside the building, architecture and technology create an immersive experience – a highly effective platform for communicating the Okta brand, a truly memorable experience for visitors and an inspirational workplace for employees.

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