LianTronics Showcases Moveable LED For Meeting Room Divider Walls

March 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Chinese LED display manufacturer LianTronics is showcasing an interesting take on building big displays into meetings and events facilities that have moveable walls – the kind of thing that allows a wall to be moved away to make two rooms into one larger one.

“These ultra-thin LED walls were designed to blend with the door,” the company notes in a Linkedin post. “They can be split or spliced together without seams to form a passable channel, bringing visitors a unique and immersive experience and offering the showroom greater flexibility.”

The walls appear to move, at least in part, using wheels and a track system on the bottom.

It strikes me that most meeting rooms use a back wall, as opposed to side/dividing walls, as the main display surface. But I could imagine how this idea could be worked into spaces that are very flexible by design.  Or maybe the anteroom for an attraction that opens up after a presentation.

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