How To Bring The Outdoors Inside Using Photo-Real CGI On LED Video Walls

March 2, 2023 by guest author, Jake Berg

Guest Post: Jake Berg, Render Impact

Have you ever wished you could bring the outdoors, indoors? How about immersing an audience in a unique underwater experience in your lobby?

3D photorealistic CGI nature scenes allow us to do just that. Whether you want to add a realistic mountainside scene or a fantasy forest scene, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating custom, photo-real CGI nature scenes for your direct-view LED video wall. Keep reading to find out more about what is possible and why you should take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Living Plant Walls with Forced Perspective

While real, living plant walls are not a new concept, a 3D photorealistic CGI plant wall with a forced perspective illusion is sure to wow an audience. Considering just about any plant can be added to your scene and dynamically animated, you can let your creativity run wild! If you prefer to have plants that are native to your area, a plant wall scene can be created using native species. If you would prefer a more mystical experience, glowing bioluminescent plants are another option to consider. Take your 3D living plant wall to the next level by placing it behind glass in a forced perspective container to truly amaze viewers.

It takes the right mix of a few different elements to make your CGI plant wall appear realistic, and a crucial part of your plant wall that must be pulled off correctly is lighting. Dynamic lighting with HDRI is a technique used to bring natural sunlight into the scene, and create shadows that will contribute to the illusion that your LED plant wall is alive.

In addition to using beautiful lighting and shadows to promote photorealism, the use of a gentle breeze causing the plants on your LED wall to sway softly, and incorporating butterflies or birds into the scene (or both – the choice is yours!), will truly bring your LED plant wall to life.

Architects and interior designers have also recognized the benefits of using LED displays and digital plant walls instead of real, living plant walls, to bring nature into a space. A concept known as “techorating” is often used by these designers as it allows for more flexibility. It is beneficial to use fine pitch direct-view LED as these screens are much more versatile and can be used for content other than a living plant wall. This option would not be available with a real, physical plant wall. The creative possibilities are endless when using digital displays!

Nature Scenes Created in UnReal Engine

What is UnReal Engine, and why is it a good choice for the content on my LED wall to be created using this tool? UnReal Engine is a powerful software that has allowed creatives to produce a variety of photorealistic nature scenes, from forest and mountain scenes to jungles and dramatic sunsets.

UnReal Engine’s quality is unrivaled, and it has opened a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating 3D photorealistic nature scenes and experiences that are sure to capture the attention of your audience and reach that desired WOW factor. If you have been thinking about adding a forest with deer, an aquarium with tropical fish, or perhaps a dinosaur drop by to surprise your visitors.

 Underwater Experiences

Underwater experiences are just one more possibility when creating a photorealistic CGI nature scene. If you have dreamed of having a great white shark swimming around on your LED screen, it is now possible to do just that!

 With continued advancements in technology, we are sure to see more LED screens brought to life with everything from photo-real nature scenes to mythical nighttime forest scenes with glowing plants and animals. Now is the perfect time to get in on this opportunity, and WOW your audience for years to come!


Jake Berg is the Business Development Manager for Render Impact by SPI, a multimedia design studio focused on creating high impact content for digital displays of all shapes and sizes using VFX, CGI and 3D animation.

Render Impact is best known for creating WOW-factor experiences on unique LED walls.

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