IT Giant Insight Uses LG’s Big Stretch LCDs For Business Communications At New Phoenix HQ

February 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s an interesting and mostly different approach to messaging for staff and guests on a corporate campus – a set of 88-inch stretch LCDs set in portrait mode along three different hallways in the Phoenix-area headquarters of the IT company  Insight Enterprises.

Officially named Insight Way, the company’s new Gensler-designed headquarters is a 200,000-square-foot facility in Chandler, AZ. The workspaces and common areas were designed to “deliver immersive technological experiences and demonstrate the firm’s capabilities to employees and visitors.”

“The moment someone enters this building, they are surrounded by innovative technologies,” says Matt Skaff, Insight Director of IT, in display supplier LG‘s PR brief on the project. “From the rotating displays and touch screen tables in the lobby to the digital smart boards found in various meeting spaces, the building’s design offers everything needed for efficient meetings and communication, while also displaying our own systems design knowledge. One of the most unique ideas is the three Boulevards, which are hallway installations that feature multiple LG 88-inch UltraStretch displays that brighten when approached.”

The main Boulevard is an entrance hallway just past the lobby, making it one of the most high-traffic areas in the entire building. Knowing this, the company decided it would be an ideal space to highlight employee stories, company successes, value statements and messages welcoming honored guests.

All three Boulevard hallways feature vertically mounted LG UltraStretch displays (model 88BH7G-B) that are angled slightly off the wall in a custom cabinet solution Insight calls a Prism, giving the space a professional aesthetic. The Prisms are designed to mimic the letter I in Insight’s logo to further the feeling of a branded environment.

Each Prism unit includes a motion sensor that detects a viewer’s distance, enabling automatic adjustment of the screen’s brightness and contrast to optimize visibility when viewers approach. This special feature ensures the displays aren’t overly distracting to those who pass by, while providing meaningful experiences for anyone who approaches to learn more. For content reproduction, a picture-by-picture feature can divide the screen into four sub-screens, each with its own individual video input, allowing Insight to display multiple different messages at one time.

As an added benefit, the auto-brightness function can also reduce total energy costs and extend the working life of the displays. LG’s Stretch displays were the only viable solution for this experiential space, as they deliver a unique ultra-wide or ultra-tall HD display that can be installed in any orientation to turn columns, doorway overhangs and other non-standard locations into attractive and profitable digital signage endpoints. The displays’ 32:9 aspect ratio and 700 nits of brightness help deliver eye-catching moments in each of the three Boulevard hallways.

“These installations are in view all day, every day, so it is critical that we utilize reliable digital displays that will last for years and can be tied in with content systems for easy, rapid content delivery,” Skaff adds. “The new drag-and-drop content system we set up is vastly more efficient than prior office signage solutions, and the technologies have advanced so far that we now have hundreds of displays throughout the building with different sizes, tied into a single content system.”

Skaff says when new internal teams or clients visit the office for the first time, they consistently rave about the architecture and the technology, including the ‘wow’ factor experienced when walking by the Prism displays.

It’s been interesting to watch these large-format stretch displays being used in inventive ways. A series of conventional large format displays in this setting would probably look like a bunch of digital posters on a hallway wall, whereas this looks more like an architectural feature or element.

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