Pro Flat Panel Demand In US Softened Q3-4 2022: PMA Research

February 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes

LA-area research firm PMA Research says demand for commercial flat panel displays softened in the second half of last year  as supply chain issues cleared up and order backlogs were all fulfilled.

PMA, which describes itself as the worldwide market information experts on large displays, released that summary out of its latest half-yearly All-Displays sell-through tracking report on professional large-format flat panel displays (55” and larger) and professional projectors (above 500 lumens). The data is drawn from leading U.S. distributors who serve commercial markets.

Supply issues resolved for much of the flat panel market by mid-2022. Inventory for FPDs grew in the second half of the year with demand much softer compared to earlier in the year. Projector manufacturers delivered in large volumes in the third quarter with many backlogged orders filled by the end of the year. 

However, certain projector segments remained in tight supply throughout the year. Manufacturers delivered against significant order backlog in the third and fourth quarter, but spot shortages remained throughout.  Meanwhile, orders for flat panel displays softened as pent-up demand was met earlier in the year and concerns about inflation tempered corporate spending.

Lower fourth quarter sales impacted total revenues for the second half of the year. However, supply constraints resulted in projector prices rising through the second half of 2022 so revenues were stronger. This was true, even though in the fourth quarter of 2022 much of the projector production was earmarked for consumer projector models to meet holiday demand, limiting revenues for certain B2B models.


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