NoviSign, Partners Create Spin-Out JV Company – ReaLo – Focused on Turnkey Digital Retail Solutions

February 24, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Three Israeli companies that all come at retail from differing angles have partnered on a new firm, called ReaLo, that makes end-to-end retail marketing/merchandising services available to customers.

ReaLo, says PR, will support its customers end to end from the planning stage, through implementation and installation and up to ongoing full support, using its unique 360 degrees know-how, combining advanced Israeli-based cloud technology, customer-centered approach and long years of experience in complex projects.

Longtime CMS software firm NoviSign has partnered with integrator ScreensTV and the retail media firm Heidia on ReaLo. “The three founding companies,” PR adds, “bring unique levels of knowledge and disciplines enabling retailers of any size to provide digitization and dynamic visualization solutions for improved and effective shopping experience for their clients.

Among the three, the most familiar in the digital signage sector is Tel Aviv’s NoviSign, which has a platform and APIs tuned to both large and small format screens in retail.

ReaLo is a new initiative, a joint venture between the three companies. NoviSign will continue operating in the field of digital signage, leaving the focus on retail to this new entity, ReaLo.

NoviSign CEO Gil Matzliah tells me: “No change in my position as CEO and co-founder of NoviSign. We will keep doing almost the same as always,  except that retail will be under a different entity, ReaLo, that will provide an end-to-end retail solution – software. hardware, implementation and support.”

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