German Manufacturer Switches Factory Entry Signs From Analog To Digital To Guide, Promote

February 21, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The German metal and plastics processing company Schütz has switched our analog for digital on the signposts for its factory, enabling signs first intended for navigation to also do branding and promotions.

Our German language content partners at invidis have a post up about the how Schütz worked with integrator Tennagels Medientechnik to put in almost 50 square meters of 3.9mm pitch LED displays on pylons on the factory grounds. The screens lit up in Dec. 2022

In order to be clearly visible even in daylight and direct sunlight, the LED screens have a brightness of more than 6,000 nits. So that they are correspondingly less bright at night or when there is little daylight, a sensor system is integrated that reacts to direct light irradiation.

“Similar to our other projects, the systems at our customer Schütz ensure that the advancing digitization becomes visible to outsiders. In addition, at a time when the shortage of skilled workers is slowing down entire industries, it is necessary to draw attention to yourself and show that you are moving with the times,” explains Kai Rath, Key Account Manager at Tennagels Medientechnik.


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