Valley Bank Uses Big, Curved Staccato LED Feature In New NYC Flagship Branch

February 10, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The U.S. regional financial company Valley Bank used a 70-foot curved LED inside its new Manhattan flagship branch to make a big statement in that market and drive awareness of its brand and services.

The display wall is entirely inside, but fully visible through glass curtain walls at the branch, on a Fifth Avenue corner property. The new branch opened at the end of December.

The project was pulled together by the brand experience agency Adrenaline, which primarily works in retail financial services.

“The large-scale signage reflects Valley’s vision to create a branch that stands out in the ultra-competitive New York banking market,” explains Adrenaline in a published brief on the project. “In addition to its sheer size, this large outside-facing direct view LED screen captures views from two sides of the building, as well as the foot and vehicle traffic at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 30th Street. The display features a curved PixelFlex LED display and embraces a ‘staccato’ surface layout, which provides an incomparable palette for the expression of the Valley brand in ways that are both soaring and spectacular and differentiated from the common flat-panel digital message boards typical of most bank branches across Manhattan.”

“This extraordinary installation will elevate the Valley Bank brand and increase our visibility and awareness in New York City,” says Mark Beausoleil, Executive Vice President of Valley Bank. “As a customer-focused bank, our mission is to support the communities we serve, and we want people who pass by our flagship NYC branch to connect with Valley.”

Adrenaline managed the install, content creation and deployment of the LED display, which is now described a cornerstone of the branch’s digital communication ecosystem.  The LED supplier is PixelFLEX.

“This flagship branch digital activation includes numerous high-profile elements for engaging customers inside the branch, as well as reaching new prospects outside,” says Jerry Reese, Group Account Director at Adrenaline. “The visual centerpiece of the branch is the 70’x 6’, 420 square foot LED wall with its eye-catching 90-degree curve, a truly unique configuration and display.”

Valley Bank
Photo: John Muggenborg

I think this is smart on a bunch of levels. There is a lot more cost initially and ongoing to put an LED display outside, as well as, I’m assuming, getting the necessary permits. Inside means environmental controls for a screen that’s easily seen through the glass, and it also means the screen is an architectural/design element, and not just a big display visually yelling at people.

The pixelated “staccato” configuration is visually interesting, but it would also cut down a bit on costs by using fewer modules.

The images also show at least three large format flat panel displays on support columns (I guess they could be LED, too, but doubt it).

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