Almost 14,000 Digital Billboard Faces Across US: Billboard Insider

January 19, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Billboard Insider has a very useful post up that lists the 236 U.S. media companies it knows about that have digital displays in their inventory. The 237 companies account for 13,826 digital faces.

  • The list is bulletin and poster.  We have excluded transit and place-based.
  • A face is a face.  One digital face is one digital display, regardless of size.
  • United States only.  We are not counting worldwide faces, or Clear Channel Outdoor would be much bigger.
  • We based the list on public websites and emails to company owners.  If you couldn’t get the info we left the company off the list.
1 Lamar Advertising                      4,200 Louisiana
2 Outfront Media                      1,638 New York
3 Clear Channel Outdoor                      1,612 Texas
4 Capitol Outdoor DC                      1,000 District of Columbia
5 The Westfield Network                         500 California
6 Adams Outdoor.                         350 Georgia
7 Reagan Outdoor                         300 Utah
8 Pearl Media                         241 New Jersey
9 Dot Outdoor                         224 Georgia
10 Trailhead Media                         206 Mississippi

As you might expect, the 80:20 rule applies here as it does with many things. Most of the digital inventory is owned by a small percentage of companies, and there are a whole lot of companies that have 10 or fewer displays, while Lamar has 4,200.

The full list is here … 

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