Captivate Expands DOOH Screen Footprint To Include WeWork Offices

January 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The DOOH media company Captivate got its start and is primarily known for its screen network in office tower elevators, but the NYC-based company has been expanding its reach to other areas, like building lobbies, and now, inside co-working spaces.

The company has announced a partnership with WeWork “to transform existing digital screens in WeWork lobbies, elevator banks and communal workspaces to display the Captivate on-screen content experience.”

“WeWork powered by Captivate” adds some 180 North American locations to the Captivate footprint, and brings the total Captivate office (and residential) building screen count to over 14,500.

“Our partnership means advertisers can more easily reach coveted B2B decision-makers and B2C consumers with spending power at multiple daily touch points throughout the day,” says Marc Kidd, CEO of Captivate. “And Captivate’s skilled editorial team brings value to WeWork members and guests with an interesting combination of news and entertainment, plus high-utility content such as traffic and weather updates.”

WeWork is, I think, now run by level-headed people. If you want your mind blown, watch WeCrashed on Apple TV+ to get the back story on the founders – who I will politely describe as eccentric.

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