About 380 Companies Identify As Providing Digital Signage Tech Or Services At ISE 2023

January 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

With ISE 2023 just a couple of week out, it’s reasonable to look at the exhibitor list and hall maps as pretty much locked in – though there’s always the chance a smaller exhibitor may make a last minute decision to get in or out.

As it now sits, there are 380 exhibitors who identify as being in digital signage. A healthy chunk of those will be companies that have digital signage as a capability or potential use case for their own tech or services, but are not digital signage-first in their day-to-day operations and activities. In all, there are 1,049 exhibitors listed.

The exhibition facility in Barcelona is one building with multiple halls under one roof, versus the crazily confusing series of conjoined buildings in Amsterdam that were the home of ISE for many years.

The ISE Barcelona layout organizes exhibitors by subject matter, so:

This screen grab of the ISE 2023 floor shows than when you sort by category and select digital signage, the locator map shows red dots in every hall. So walking Hall 3 and Hall 6 should be the top priorities for anyone attending, but there are companies with products and services that might have a role in a digital signage projects all through the exhibits area.

I’ve started to do some advance research on who will be there that are unfamiliar to me. As you might expect, there are several companies from Spain and Portugal showing up – given the lower costs of travel and bringing people and gear on site by personal vehicle, or even by subway.

I will be in Barcelona all that week, and partnering with Munich’s invidis on some coverage. Among the plans is a daily video recap produced in the TV studio invidis is setting up. Should be fun!

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