San Diego Startup Touts Skinny 55-Inch Display That Runs On Batteries And Mounts By Suction

January 10, 2023 by Dave Haynes

There are all kinds of qualifiers and buts that will come up about a company touting a light, skinny and portable wireless 55-inch TV that runs on a battery and attaches to walls by suction, but the concept is nonetheless interesting.

The year-old San Diego startup – Displace TVshowed its gear at the recent CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas – marketing it as the world’s first wireless television.

The TV has hot swappable batteries that side-load into a slot, and provide an average of six operating hours a day, for a month, before needing charging. The display weighs about 20 pounds and can be moved from room to room, attached to the wall with some sort of oval ring suction system on the back that has a “proprietary vacuum mounting algorithm.” There are no external cables.

The bezel is skinny enough that the company says several units can be tiled to create what amounts to a video wall.

There is no remote, with screen controls done via an onboard optical sensor and hand gestures.

Control and presumably power is provided by a base unit that, presumably, plugs in somewhere.

The things are priced at $3,000 each, and the first 100 units for sale are said to be shipping by Dec. 2023. More details here …

The unit cost and sheer newness of this product probably rules this out of many to most commercial applications, but Displace TV is an interesting example of a company looking at things differently and applying new ideas and technologies. Battery-powered displays are not new and we’re seeing companies as large as LG now marketing wireless power solutions. The suction mount thing would scare the hell out of many ops people, but the description suggests this is a sophisticated take on that.

Probably the people most intrigued by this sort of thing would be event and retail marketers who who short-term and pop-up displays, and would embrace gear that goes up and comes down quickly and fuss-free (no cables, et cetera).

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