Raydiant Partners With AI-Driven Photo Edit Firm On Virtual Try-on Solution For Fashion Retail

January 6, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The San Francisco-based “digital display experience platform” provider Raydiant has done an interesting tie-up with a London, UK company that offers a virtual clothing try-on solution, extending the capability from online into physical fashion retail stores.

The core capability of Zyler is allowing shoppers to see themselves in any outfit, without having to physically try those outfits on. Zyler has been added as an app in Raydiant’s In-Location Experience Marketplace and is accessible from the CMS platform’s dashboard. Users connect their Zyler account in that dashboard, create an on-brand display and generate a try-on code associated to a fashion catalog.

“With Raydiant,” says the marketing pitch, “you can build a multi-zone display to include a Zyler try-on code and on-brand promotions on the same screen. Promote special sales with a curated, virtual try-on catalog through Zyler so shoppers can conveniently browse items associated with the promotion.”

The selling proposition is that “retail spaces can be transformed, maximizing space and making use of the latest innovations in fashion. When customers see themselves in items before purchase, they are more excited about the products, their confidence is boosted, and the brand becomes more inclusive. Customers shop and buy more, and are less likely to return the products they purchase.”

“We have partnered with Raydiant to help brands take control of their in-location experience,” says Alexander Berend, CEO of Zyler. “We have seen a massive impact with stylists helping their customers find perfect items with our virtual try-on solution, and now it’s easier than ever to get set up in-store.”

THAT bit, to me, is the potentially compelling aspect of this. I may be the least fashion-forward person on the planet, but logic at least suggests that assisted selling tools in the right hands can create interesting and efficient buying experiences for shoppers and boost total purchases among the shoppers who use it. While the platform is likely designed to be intuitive, these screens will probably get more use when their guided by sales associates or “stylists” as opposed to left unattended, with an attract screen encouraging people to give it a go.

It’s also interesting because the company that’s developed Zyler – Anthropics Technology Limited – is not a pure start-up, but has years of experience developing and marketing photo retouching software.

Virtual try-on technology – often called Magic Mirrors – has been around for many years, and has come a very long way from the early days when the results didn’t look much more advanced than what amounted to a static overlay over an image or video feed, so the dress being “tried on” looked pretty much the same whether the subject was a size 2 or size 16. The breathtaking advances in AI and imaging capabilities now make it possible to accurately size the people doing the try-ons and fit them accurately based on body shapes.

There’s a video on this page that shows how Zyler does its thing, but I can’t embed or even link to it … it is easy to miss, so look just below the bit that reads OUR TECHNOLOGY.



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