NYC Events Venue Invests In 163-Inch Fine Pitch Feature Wall, Replacing LCDs

December 13, 2022 by Dave Haynes

This is what is, in effect, a 163-inch 4K TV installed in a private entertainment venue in NYC owned and run by Brooklyn AV consulting shop Park Boulevard Productions.

It’s a fine pitch 0.9mm all-in-one LED display with 4k resolution, replacing an LCD video wall that was in the same area.

The display – all-in-ones have a series of fixed sizes instead of being modular – is from the Sacramento company i5LED, and part of its CastVision series. Pretty new on the scene, i5 is run by the same guy – George Pappas – who built up D3. That company went through a couple of transactions and is now owned by Ross Video.

I think event spaces – if they see steady business – are a great home for big LED video walls, because they can be rented out event by event or just built into the overall cost of any event as a standard component. At this kind of pitch, a big video wall can do presentations, act as a step and repeat photo backdrop, or run sponsor messaging … or all three in one event.

  1. Greg says:

    Wow! That CastVision really Pops! Bravo to i5LED!

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