Global Digital Signage Awards Release 2023 Shortlist; Mixer Targeted Ahead Of ISE Week Dinner

November 24, 2022 by Dave Haynes

There are 39 companies shortlisted as finalists for the global Digital Signage Awards 2023, which will be announced (fingers crossed, tired of you COVID) during ISE week in February in Barcelona, Spain.

Here’s a list of the companies on that list – a notable aspect being how there is a wide variety of countries represented (though more from Asia would be much welcomed!) Entries in various categories from these companies will be going forward to final stage judging:

Sixteen:Nine is a main sponsor of these awards and has been for a number of years. The PLAN – repeat plan – is to hold a digital signage industry mixer – similar to what just went off a week ago in Las Vegas – ahead of the awards dinner and presentation, at the same lovely-looking events center on a hill overlooking central Barcelona and the sea.

That mixer would serve both as a welcoming, pre-gaming event for awards dinner attendees, but more broadly as a way to specifically gather the digital signage “tribe” (as happened in Las Vegas). It is particularly important at a pro AV catch-all show like Integrated Systems Europe, which serves a variety of technology sectors and means a lot of people at general event receptions might be into things like building automation or pro audio. The DSE mixer is long-standing reference case for the importance and attraction of getting together with piles of people who are all involved in a specific industry.

The mixer would, assuming plans fall in places and sponsors step up (I haven’t done a budget yet, and need to!), would start at 6 pm on Thursday Feb. 2, 2023 at the Esferic Events Center, Montjuic, Barcelona. The plan would be to do the mixer on the ground level – possibly outside if the weather is nice or in AND out – and then awards dinner attendees (ticketed separately) would head up at 8 for the dinner.

I’ve not been to Barcelona or to this venue (pandemic has derailed visits), which makes me a wee bit jumpy. But the awards people have, and it seems to set up very nicely based on photos, layouts and location.

The pandemic and other circumstances bad and good, including a rough case of COVID and childbirth, made for what the awards folks call a “troubled year” for their efforts – with some delays on things like notifications and final distribution of 2022 trophies. 

Finalist companies for 2023 will receive their Finalist logos in the next few days, together with an email explaining which of their entries have progressed to the second and final stage judging.

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