DSF Overhauls Membership Structure; Makes It Free For End-Users

November 16, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) has overhauled its membership structure to designate new tiers and benefits, including free membership for end-users like retailers and QSR operators.

It’s the first overhaul of how members are categorized in seven years, and t new tiers and members benefits are now live on the DSF website.

“We charged our Membership Committee to take a long hard look at how we structured our membership and the benefits we offer,” says DSF Chair Len Dudis. “What we’ve released is the result of that had work which we believe will benefit all of our members and allow the DSF to better serve members across the board.”

The DSF in PR says:

In the new membership structure, all members receive access to DSF Micro-Credential education courses, discounts to industry events, placement in the DSF Speakers Bureau, and access to the soon to be released DSF Job Board. 

The new structure offers End Users a FREE membership, while membership for individuals remains $100 and corporate membership begins at Silver ($500).

Three new premium tiers have been established for corporate membership: Gold ($1,000), Platinum ($2,500) and Sponsor ($10,000).

“The DSF Membership Committee spent the better part of 2022 talking to our members about what they valued most and enhancements we could make to their membership experience. Based on that direct feedback we’ve drastically improved our member tiers with added industry networking opportunities, continuing education, and getting our membership recognized and involved,” says Frank Pisano, DSF Board Member and Membership Committee Chair.

Corporate members receive basic listing in the DSF Directory, placement in the DSF LUMAscape, opportunity to create micro-credential courses, have their company news published on the DSF website and other benefits.

The Sponsorship tier is open to sixteen (16) members and offers the most extensive benefit package, including membership to the DSF Advisory Council. Formed in 2021 the Advisory Council provides industry insight, intelligence and thought leadership to the DSF Board. Advisory Council members also help amplify and support ongoing programming like quarterly DSF Meet ‘N Mingle events, and DSF presence at industry conferences and trade shows.

Good to see these set up. Corporate sponsors were a big part of how the DSF survived when COVID wreaked its havoc – among many things killing off the old DSE and with it a significant revenue share from the show.

The free to end-users thing is important, as it removes a barrier. It’s easy for someone working for a vendor to make the case to pay money to join, but I am guessing it is a harder sell for a technologist at a bank or convention center to get that OK.


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