Four Winds Rebrands As Poppulo; Gets Even More Focused On Workplace As Its Vertical

November 9, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Well this is interesting – Four Winds Interactive has rebranded as Poppulo, the name of the Irish firm it merged with last year, along with another firm called SmartSpace.

Four Winds founder David Levin just sent out a mass email that lays out the news and thinking (there’s also a press release):

As you know, Poppulo merged with Four Winds Interactive (FWI) and SmartSpace last year, with a vision to create something totally new to solve the biggest challenges for organizations today, by leveraging our combined expertise in employee and customer communications, and workplace experience.

Today, we’ve launched a unified brand and new website—with all three companies now named Poppulo—setting the stage for an exciting new platform that will create a unique communication solution for the three interlinked imperatives of enterprises today: employee, workplace, and customer experience.

Our Poppulo Harmony platform will enable organizations to streamline communications for employee audiences through multiple channels, including email, digital signage, mobile, intranet, and enterprise social networks. It brings together Organizational and Operational comms—with more powerful analytics and personalization capabilities.

We believe that this is the start of something big, Poppulo Harmony will be transformational—because it’s what the radically changed, disconnected world of work and business has been crying out for.

Successful companies know the extent to which employee experience defines the customer experience and the financial bottom line—and that communication is key to both.

Levin is the CEO now of the blended company. I THINK he is still in Denver, but likely spends a lot of time over the Atlantic going back and forth.

This is not all that surprising, as FWI has been pivoting from a generalist “we do digital signage” offer to one much more focused on workplace experience, much like competitor Appspace has done. Harmonizing under one brand makes sense, and while there are undoubtedly some interactive elements to the blended toolset for working environments, the interactive part of the handle suggests agency and mobile applications. Or something.

Four Winds got its start many years ago with little push-button thingies that played music samples, like Peruvian pan pipes, in the aisles of chain drug stores, which is JUST a bit different from the current offer of a communications and workplace experience platform.

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