MVIX Expands Information Capabilities Across Full Passenger Side Of Airports

October 12, 2022 by Dave Haynes

It’s just logical that if you want to sell your software capabilities into a specific market, you’re likely going to have more success if that product is tuned to that specific market’s broad needs … as opposed to having more generalized tools that COULD do what’s desired.

The DC-area software firm Mvix appears to regard airports as a high opportunity vertical market to chase, having announced a suite of data-driven solutions that cover what departing travelers might see from check-in through to the gates, and what those arriving see on the concourses and then down in the baggage areas.

Mvix says its expanded Flight Information Displays (FIDS) Module is a full passenger information signage solution for airport displays. Powered by real-time flight data services, says Mvix in PR, the new suite displays flight data for airline counters, gate displays, terminal screens, baggage claim directories, and carousel displays for airports and local hotel properties. With this tailored full-service solution, airports can reduce employee workloads and streamline overall flight communication for operation efficiency.

According to the International Air transport Association (IATA), 7.2 billion passengers are expected to travel in 2035, which doubles the 3.8 billion air travelers in 2016. As a result, crowding at security checkpoints and check-ins, slow-moving queues at baggage counters, unclear flight terminals, and short-staffed employee interruptions to assist customers are inevitable. Mvix has expanded its FIDS Solutions to address these growing challenges in airports enhancing airport navigation.

“As information is flying quickly throughout the airport, knowing where to be and where to go is vital to maintain smooth operation,” says Dan Mersberger, Manager of Client Relations. “The Mvix FIDS Solution provides automation to airports large and small to strengthen and enhance the traveler’s experience.” 

Mvix’s FIDS Module includes pre-built visualizations displaying real-time flight data including arrivals and departures, travel slots, baggage information, gate locations, and weather (arrival or departure). Mvix has leveraged the world’s largest provider of aviation data to provide this real-time flight information for its clients. This data covers over 970 airlines, 17,000 airports, and 400,000 aircraft, as well as millions of events, weather, traffic, and fares for 300,000 routes worldwide.

The end-to-end suite of airport display solutions includes:

Lots of software and solutions companies have product in airports, in part because there are a lot of airports and the great majority of them are islands of activity, as opposed to chains. So while there are companies that own or run multiple airports, most airport deals are won airport by airport.

Omnivex was early into the airport business because it was also very early into doing data integration. Four Winds was involved in several airport deals, but is now mostly focused on workplace. The only companies that spring to mind who are heavily focused on airports are Synect Media, and Boston’s Art Of Context, which is focused on FIDS displays and wayfinding directories.

I think it would be smart for Mvix or whoever to also roll in data-driven displays for the back of house areas – as there is a huge amount of mostly unseen activity underneath terminals, moving bags and cargo around and getting fuel and food to planes that are turning over passengers and crews. I know Delta now has Ramp Information Displays aimed at the ground crews who do all the stuff around planes when they arrive and depart.

  1. Neil Bron Chatwood says:

    Appreciate the callout Dave! Omnivex are still very much in the airport space, taking care of 70 clients across NA/EU/Australasia.

    Looking forward to renewed competition from Mvix, it’s great to see some trusted old timers are still at this and innovating!

  2. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Screenfeed offers FIDS to run on any CMS or browser and the data and design can be fully customized.

  3. Colleen Hamilton says:

    Thanks for the shoutout Dave 🙂 We know that a key part of our value proposition is Art of Context’s singular focus on the unique needs and demands of the aviation space. Not surprised other companies are making aviation a priority. No other venue utilizes as much screen real estate as an airport, making it a very attractive vertical for digital signage folks.

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