Vistar Media Debuts Mediation Solution It Says Can Optimize Revenue Potential For DOOH Network Owners

August 26, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Vistar Media says it has a developed and launched what it calls a mediation solution for digital out-of-home networks, making it possible for media owners who make their screen networks’ ad inventory across multiple supply side programmatic ad platforms to optimize their pricing.

“Many media owners today fragment their inventory across multiple SSPs in order to maximize potential demand,” Vistar explains in announcing the mediation tool. “This practice limits one of the key benefits of programmatic – creating a competitive marketplace to increase rates in response to demand. Mediation enables publishers to optimize yield across multiple sources, by creating a centralized auction where each SSP competes on the basis of price. All SSPs put forth the winning bid from their connected buyers, and the mediation layer then conducts an auction to select the highest price from across those bids.”

“As the marketplace evolves, our job is to provide media owners with the best possible tools to maximize revenue and yield for their networks, so it was a natural decision to provide streamlined access to any SSP a media owner requires,” says Eric Lamb, SVP for Supply at Vistar.

“With mediation now offered as a capability of the Vistar ad server, we will be able to maximize our yield on every impression and streamline programmatic operations to meet demand across SSP partners,” adds David Kovall, VP of Digital Partnerships for GSTV.

Activating mediation is a simple process for companies already working with Vistar, with no additional technical integration needed for any media owner already connected to the Vistar SSP. NYC-based Vistar advertising technology includes a global demand-side platform (DSP) for media buyers to activate data-driven programmatic campaigns and a supply-side platform (SSP) to connect signage operators to digital revenue.  

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