LG Shows New Use-Case Concepts For Transparent OLED At K-Display Trade Show In Seoul

August 10, 2022 by Dave Haynes

LG continues to push out new concepts to open up markets and sales for its OLED displays – both consumer and commercial.

The electronics giant has a big stand at something called K-Display 2022, a big display technology trade show run by the Korea Display Industry Association and running today through Friday in Seoul.

The big Wow Factor product on show is a 97-inch TV, touted as the largest OLED panel made. The company also debuted 42 and 48-inch gaming panels that use the same “deuterium and personalized algorithm-based EX Technology” as the jumbo display.

This is the 97-inch beast …

More relevant to digital signage, LG also has a zone it has dubbed Transparent OLED Town – showing conceptual ideas for integrating the lightweight, super-skinny and see-through displays in commercial settings like retail and workplace.

  • Transparent Media Art Wall utilizes sixteen Transparent OLED displays organized and attached in a tile-like manner to the wall to show diverse content like digital artwork or commercial videos. Its clear appearance lets it harmonize with different interiors while its ability to generate less heat than LEDs makes it ideal to be placed against a wall.
  • Transparent Showcase, which combines a Transparent OLED display and a high-end wooden stand, can simultaneously show products and related information or visuals to maximize the impact of the advertisement.
  • Transparent Wall Skin is a Transparent OLED-equipped modular panel readily attached to the wall. Because of its simple installation process, the special OLED panel can easily be attached and detached to be used around offices, hotels, healthcare and homes.
  • Transparent OLED Solution for Conference Room, also known as E-Crystal, is a glass wall equipped with Transparent OLED panels that works as a TV or monitor. It boosts space utilization by freeing up the space that would be taken by separate displays, while its glass-like transparency when not in use makes the room feel much more open.

There is also an OLED Plaza zone that introduces four OLED concept products designed through the company’s global design contests and academic partnerships, such as a Transparent OLED integrated into a curved shelf and a wheeled portable OLED TV. The zone also includes the Transparent Photo Wall, which consists of nine 55-inch Transparent OLED panels arranged 3×3 in a square to generate eye-catching hologram-like visuals.

They’re all interesting but the giant wild card for all of them is cost. I love the technology but the things are $$$$$, and there’s not a lot of evidence of marketplace adoption out there, years into the debut of transparent OLED. And now the tech is competing with increasingly good transparent LED on film and in glass that doesn’t have the resolution and overall picture quality of OLED, but is just fine for some applications. And microLED-embedded glass is coming, which will likely address the resolution question.

Samsung also has a stand, but in rooting around I did not see any show-specific announcements from LG’s main rival.

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