Unique Herringbone LCD Video Wall Celebrates Health Care Provider At New Orleans Airport

August 9, 2022 by Dave Haynes

With so many case studies being pushed out about the use of LED technology for high-profile video walls, it’s becoming both surprising and nice to see LCD being used – particularly when the finished project is more than a big rectangle.

This is a new video wall on a side wall of a concourse at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport – noting and celebrating 80 years of work by healthcare provider Ochsner Health. The 21-screen wall looks to be in a transition space between a common area and a concourse lined with departure gates. There is a big printed graphic, also for the health system, on the opposite wall. It is a full-time branding exercise for Ochsner, as opposed to a media company’s display booked by the health care provider.

The video display is a nice herringbone matrix using narrow-bezel LCDs and, applause, creative that works with the jagged shape. The job was done by the Ochsner marketing team, working with a couple of Baton Rouse companies –  the agency ThreeSixtyEight and creative technology shop Luminary Design Co. 

I don’t know who supplied the display infrastructure or the software.

Video here …

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