LA Lux Hotel Uses LED Displays As Main Architectural Design Element Of Building

July 29, 2022 by Dave Haynes

Big LED ad display boards are starting to be commonplace on the sides of mixed-use commercial buildings, particularly those in high traffic locations, but a development in LA has gone beyond the norms with displays that also serve as architectural enhancements.

This is Pendry Residences in West Hollywood, a luxury hotel which has a very large main LED on one face of the building, and a smaller one flanking it. But it also has vertical and horizontal ribbon LEDs that sync with the content but also serve as architectural lighting. The video below suggests another board out of view, at the opposite end of the building.

The displays are all Daktronics 10mm LED, with the big fella roughly 29 feet wide by 68 feet tall (20.85m x 8.78m).

Here’s a video

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