Calendars, Countdowns Top End-User Choices For Dynamic Messaging

July 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I wouldn’t normally write about what’s selling for a company, but a blog post from the subscription content company Screenfeed is interesting because it gives a glimpse into what type of content end-users are pushing to screens.

The company did a Top Five post about what end-users are using out of the no-code dynamic messaging toolset – dubbed Connect – since it launched in June.

The top one is calendars

There are 30 calendars currently created, with weekly calendars being a tad more popular than single day calendars, and two-week calendars trailing behind the others. It’s always helpful to know what my team members are up to for easy collaboration and communication, so a calendar is an easy win. There are also plenty of users that have used calendars to display upcoming events – keeping attendees at their venues in the loop.

Next, a countdown clock

Showing the time remaining until an event occurs creates anticipation and even brings people back to a venue when the event takes place. Of course, countdown clocks don’t have to only be used for events – they can promote new hires joining the team, new product launches, or anything else that people might be looking forward to (company happy hour, anyone?)

The next three are menu boards, employee recognition and a “featured item” promotions tool.


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