Mvix Stepping Up Focus, Depth Of Business Intelligence Software Integrations

July 27, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The DC-area digital signage CMS software and services provider Mvix sees a big future in data-driven content in corporate environments, and has announced moves to increase its investment and focus on tools that integrate enterprise-level business intelligence information.

Mvix says it has allocated special and dedicated development resources to gets it platform deeply integrated with the three biggest toolsets in business intelligence software – Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Klipfolio. Those three account for a combined market share of 80 percent of toolsets that offer real-time data and metrics that streamline workflow and productivity.

Many of the software companies in the digital signage ecosystem now tout their ability to integrate data from the business systems used by large companies, but there are different levels of that integration. A lot of software shops are doing base-level integrations, grabbing data from “publicly-shared” URLs.

Mvix says in contrast its work is 100% enterprise-grade – fully authenticated API integration, with security-permissions defined by the client’s system administrators.

The company says it is also accelerating development for customer asks like Interactive Executive Boards that allow users to view and then drill down for deeper information – like viewing charting but then being able to see more detailed data on aspects of the charts.

Mvix in its PR says:

Historically, detailed performance analytics and productivity were not privy to all ranks. Additionally, data that was shared was often delayed, communicated dully, and indigestible for all employees to comprehend. However, with the rise of BI tools, enterprise clients are now focused on sharing holistic data across all departments as it boosts productivity, better decision-making, and company-wide success.

As digital signage enhances internal communication, which promises 25 percent higher employee productivity, it seamlessly communicates BI data clearly and efficiently. Mvix is offering a suite of BI tools and more to communicate the heart of decision-making and success in a meaningful way.Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Klipfolio all feature interactive dashboards that show real-time company-wide data ranging from sales, production, logistics, marketing, social media, and more. Furthermore, the integration between Mvix CMS software and BI tools follows data security protocols instituted by these enterprise-grade applications. Clients can also implement custom API integrations with their databases, producing unique visualizations through Interactive Innovation Services such as touchscreens and interactive dashboards.

“Communication and data are vital for success,” notes Dan Mersberger, Manager of Client Relations at Mvix. “Mvix continues to lead the industry in the BI visualization space with our CMS software providing real-time secure access to a range of BI dashboards. This BI suite ensures employees are informed and engaged, all while minimizing overhead for updating metrics.”

Applicable markets that can use BI tools include:

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