Wimbledon Scores Nicely Updated In Real Time In London Building Lobbies

July 4, 2022 by Dave Haynes

There are lots of ways to show live sports scores on screens, and service providers that can do everything from providing fully designed and automated layouts to making data feeds available that can then be customized to the needs and likes of clients. This is a good example of the latter – showing live scores from the famed Wimbledon tennis tournament now underway in London.

This is work done by the London solutions provider 444 Digital, showing point-by-point scoring, tournament news and the complete Order of Play. It is updating constantly throughout the day.

The screens, in various dimensions and designs, are at The Leadenhall Building, Kensington Building, One Bartholomew Close and the Future Works we’ve created a smaller screen version that preserves all the functionality and adds unique occupier amenity to their reception spaces too.

Nicely done. There would be a quick and dirty way to do this sort of thing with a tennis or generally sporty background, and then numbers and names from a data feed. But these screen layouts are designed to not only pick up the look and feel of the iconic event, but also fit in with the surroundings.

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