Intersection Adds Its 5,500+ DOOH Screens To Broadsign’s Programmatic DOOH Platform

June 28, 2022 by Dave Haynes

The media company behind all those smart city digital totems on US city sidewalks has puts its media inventory on to Broadsign’s programmatic ad platform, having already turned to the Montreal company’s CMS software for ad scheduling, targeting and management.
Mainly known for the LinkNYC digital displays around NYC’s boroughs, Intersection says the 5,500-plus screens it operates will now be on the Broadsign Reach programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) platform. It marks Intersection’s “first pDOOH activation” with an external partner.
I’m not sure what “first pDOOH activation” means, so let’s consult the PR:
With the Intersection network now available on more than 30 Broadsign-integrated DSPs, including Broadsign Ads, media buyers can target and reach populations with dynamic creative advertising and content in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and other top markets via Intersection’s LinkNYC, rail, transit, and other streetside displays. The integration builds on a longstanding relationship through which Intersection uses the Broadsign platform to manage and distribute advertising across its network, which delivers more than 3.5B monthly gross impressions. Intersection’s expanded use of the full Broadsign platform unlocks new buyer capabilities such as programmatic guaranteed, pre-emptible campaigns, more flexible scheduling, and support for HTML5 content. It will also enable Intersection to take full advantage of Broadsign’s yield optimization engine, of which it has been an early charter customer.  
“Our goal is to make our premium inventory even more widely available to marketers so they can reach their target audiences in major US cities,” says Sheri Ham, Intersection’s VP of Programmatic Partnerships & Sales. “Our longstanding partnership with Broadsign is one of the many reasons we’re excited to add Reach to our SSP portfolio.”     \
“Intersection is an industry innovator with prime inventory spanning some of America’s busiest street corners, so we’re honored to collaborate on their first external programmatic DOOH SSP activation,” says John Dolan, VP and Global Head of Media Sales, Broadsign. “As the ad industry transitions to a cookie-less world, the value of OOH is becoming clearer than ever to brands and agencies alike, and this activation makes it easier for media buyers to broaden the funnel and reach audiences with contextually relevant OOH ads.”


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