Miami High-Rise Developer Makes Big Visual Statement With LED Gateway To Sales Center

June 24, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I have seen big LED walls in commercial and residential real estate presentation centers, but this is the first time (I think) I’ve seen a video wall used as the outside entryway for a property developer’s sales center.

It is for developer Property Markets Group (PMG) – some 500 square feet of outdoor-rated LED, using experiential creative to market a Miami high-end residential and hotel development called E11EVEN that features a pair of 65-floor skyscrapers in the Park West District.

The outdoor cube, as well as indoor curved video walls, all use LED display technology from Primeview, with video wall processing tech from Analog Way, and a VR solution by YUPIX. Miami-based Acoustic Architects did system integration and the anamorphic/forced perspective creative is from Render Impact.

I like how this serves as a gateway into the sales center and starts building the case for buying into the property as people are walking up, as opposed to getting inside and then going over to a scale model or whatever gets used to market residences.

More videos here …

  1. Rene Lopez says:

    Check out this sales room. We installed this wall back in March of 2021. Its actually cool to see it in action. Skip to 6:45 in this video. The product is our Rhodium P2.85 its 67 ft long and 9.8 ft tall. Made up of 288 cabinets. quite impressive if you ask me. 🙂

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