UK’s The LED Studio Marketing 55-Inch LED Cabinets As Direct Replacements For Same-Sized LCDs

June 14, 2022 by Dave Haynes

I was way out of trade show routine last week at InfoComm, and I realized pretty quickly that while coming in early was smart in terms of getting settled, leaving early was stupid. I shoulda budgeted three days around the show floor and stayed for Friday, given all the impromptu chats on the exhibit hall floor that were great and much-welcomed, but gobbled up time.

My Plan B for when I clearly miss stuff at shows is watching some of the many, many videos rAVe Publications has an army of interns shooting on the floors of the major AV shows. They’re just people speed-talking at a DSLR or phone camera, but they do a very basic job of allowing vendors to get their pots and pans demos captured and available to review on demand.

I’ve been banging through those and came up with some things I missed, like this clever (and cheeky) product direction from the UK firm, The LED Studio.

We have been hearing for many years now how LED would gradually supplant LCD for video walls, as pitches got finer and particularly as the 5X price delta closed, which is happening. What’s interesting about The LED Studio approach – one I haven’t seen but maybe I missed elsewhere – is manufacturing the display cabinets so that they not only replace the use of LCD for tiled, skinny bezel LCD walls, they’re the same size and have the same mounting set-up.

Most LED cabinets are smaller squares or 4:3 or 16:9 rectangles that get tiled together to form larger walls, and have LED-specific or even custom mounting systems. The LED Studio is marketing LED cabinets that are the same aspect ration and physical dimensions as 55-inch video wall LCDs, and like LCDs they have VESA mounts in the back. So the premise is that LED is more than just an alternative to what’s in place, but can replace what’s already in and perhaps even use the existing mounting system.

One of the reasons a lot of the LED manufacturers have all-in-one LED bundles is to help integrators and solutions providers who aren’t focused or deeply experienced in digital signage and video walls get their heads around what is needed. LED cabinets and different mounting systems present a challenge, versus being able to say “These things are the same size and set-up as 55-inch LCDs, just with a different display layer.”

The resolutions also start to grow much more familiar, at least at the finest pitch. The 0.9mm version of the 55 is 1280 by 720, aka 720P HD.

Seems clever to me, and Larry Zoll, doing the demo below, is a sharp guy.

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